Topic 1. Connecting – online participation and digital literacies

What is my digital identity? To address this question, I started to “google” my self, exciting, or may be not?  With the exception of current and previous professional affiliations and email addresses, most of the hits were focused on scientific articles or abstracts I have authored or co-authored in scientific journals or in conference reports. Scrolling down… (10 pages down) in the list I could find links to doctoral courses I’ve been organizing. Also, a twitter account I’ve created a couple of years ago out of curiosity but never got to the next level. It is clear, my digital footprint, do not mirror my professional nor personal life.


A central aspect to me has been to keep a clear line between my professional and personal presence on the net. Despite a tremendous curiosity, I resisted (now I admit: may be too long) before investing in time and patience into emerging platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, ect simply due to uncertainty about personal integrity.


To keep contact with close friends around the world I tried to be creative and convince friends and family members to use 2P applications such as skype and Viber from their very first beginning. However, this was not sufficient, and I saw progressively (during the last 5 years) that most information was channeled on Facebook (including information from the children’s school). I was constantly running behind to keep up to date with the information. All become even more important when I saw that I could no more follow what my kids were talking about: Snap shut, kick and so much more. So may be time to use what is left of my curiosity and move from a visitor to a resident mode (White, 2011).


I run this course outside my work and this is my very first online PBL experience, something I will certainly remember! A critical shortage of time during the previous week in combination of being a total novice to online collaborative learning got me a unfortunately bit out of track at this start phase. It was a bit reinsuring to read in the blogs that this feeling was shared by others J


My first impression around the PBL discussions is that is was difficult for us to see where we where heading? Despite the technical challenges with video/sound which we managed to navigate through, we could finally have our first meeting face to face or may be more exactly voice to face on skype with the PBL8 group and the facilitator. Now, I’m starting to see the light BUT …still quite far in tunnel.


Starting to explore all the online learning spaces (Bates, 2015), I have already identified a gold mine that I can endlessly explore to broaden my repertoire of digital literacies. The most challenging part is actually to build tailored scaffolds (Kek, 2105) around the different learning activities I’m currently involved in.




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